The Courage to be Yourself

Give Yourself permission to live authentically


Give It To Me!

“In working with Peter, I have found that I have been  more proactive in moving forward in taking risks, getting out of my comfort zone, and trusting myself more.  There has been so many lessons, via podcasts, zoom, 1:1 sessions, etc.  that  she has made available,  which have helped me.  I wish I met Peter years ago,  I feel completely in good hands and safe with her expertise in the  Working Actors Roadmap along with many core lessons she has provided.  Confidently, I can say I trust her and will continue to work with her.  I have found a sense of peace and groundedness on knowing I am on the right track because of her guidance.”

Kathy Dimitroff

When you have the courage to be yourself...

You are unstoppable.

We may be afraid that if we just relax and be ourselves, the other person will shame us. Or maybe you have anxiety or unworthy.

That's why I created The Courage to Be Yourself.

Grab my free guide to finally step into your own light and let is shine bright. 

A Note from Peter Pamela...

I created this guide because my passion is to INSPIRE. To inspire humans to have a great relationship with themselves so they are clear on what they truly want out of life. This enables them to go after their dreams with inner courage and confidence, knowing that they are enough just as they are and can handle whatever life throws their way.


Peter Pamela Rose, CPC


Yes! I Want It!