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“T”ruth and Your Peace of Mind

Sep 28, 2023

I talk about there being two truths. There is truth with a little “t” and then there is Truth with a big “T.” We choose to live in one or the other.  One moment we may be in “T”ruth and then the next we may be in “t”ruth.

I define “T”ruth with a big “T” as Universal Truth, it is “T”rue for all of us; whereas “t”ruth with a little “t” is our ego’s truth and is only “t”rue for the person thinking it.

“T”ruth feels good, it is centered in love and strength; “t”ruth feels uncomfortable (sometimes quite subtly) and is un-centered and based in fear.

When we are in “T”ruth we are in reality. When we are in “t”ruth we are generally in obsession or worry.

Thoughts based in “T”ruth are useful, thoughts in “t”ruth are not – they are useless.

Knowing this, how can we rightly relate ourselves to “T”ruth and thereby make our lives easier and more manageable? The answer is to take our thoughts and actions that are based in “t”ruth and swap them for useful thoughts based in “T”ruth.

“t”ruth thoughts are generally based in people, places and things: 

  • “they don’t like me” 
  • “this always happens when I come here” 
  • “my computer hates me!” 

“T”ruth thoughts are: 

  • “I am what I am” 
  • “I am enough!” 
  • “I can take good care of myself and I can handle this situation.” 

These thoughts are Universal thoughts – they apply to all of us and they are thoughts we can all choose to respond to ourselves.

When we are in “t”ruth we are concerned about what another person(s) may think of us. Our self-worth and validation may even depend on it.

When we are in “T”ruth, our self worth comes from within, regardless of what others may say or do.

Many years ago, I heard the story of the Three Wise Men. It is one of my favorites and I tell it often. It goes like this:

Three wise men were given the gift of happiness and told to hide it from the humans.

The first wise man said, “I know where we should hide it. We should hide it at the bottom of the ocean. The humans will never look for happiness there.”

The second wise man said, “We should climb to the top of Mt. Everest and bury happiness up there. The humans will never think of looking for it there.”

The third wise man said, “No. We should put it inside of them, the humans will never think of looking for happiness there.”

This story teaches us that our “T”ruth can only come from within; that when we search for happiness in any other place, we are in “t”ruth and therefore discomfort.

Change your “t”ruths to “T”ruths and inner peace will inevitably follow. For that, my friends, is the Truth!”



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