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Discover New Lands & Set Sail

Sep 14, 2023

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” – Andre Gide

We all know the feeling. 

We’ve decided to “go for it”, whatever “it” is. 

We take those first steps by taking a class, researching real estate in another city, or getting our resume up to date. In essence, we’ve cast off in our sailing vessel of life. 

These first steps have begun to open some doors for us. We’re meeting people and learning things that are leading us closer to our “it”.  The closer to “it” we get, though, the farther away from the shore of the known we drift. 

Before we know it, we only have a glimpse of the job, relationship, or habits of our life before we set sail. We’re now in deeper waters. It might be getting a little rough. If it’s time for a firm action like accepting the new job in a new city, setting boundaries in relationships that may end because of them, choosing health over bad habits, and the people who share those habits, we’ll get flack about our decision to change. 

Usually, it’s at this point that many choose to head back to shore. But true change, creation of a changed life, and ultimately the discovery of new lands will happen only when we give up control over what is not working for us. 

This week, I want you to take a look at situations and people that keep you from discovering the new lands you long for. Sit down and write them down, and really investigate what is holding you back. Ask yourself, “What would it be like if I let this situation go?” I want you to journal about this for 20 minutes.

Becoming aware is like readying your vessel. Listen for that inner Truth that may be telling you it’s time to set sail.



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